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Thursday to Saturday, between 2 and 7 pm.
On appointment any other day: Contact us on our landline: +49 (0) 30 9840 2889

Location: Finowstr. 25 (10247 Friedrichshain).

“Disconnect is the perfect place to listen to anti-corporate music and to see art stemming from non-wormhole systems while planning earth invasion!”
– Archimandrite Luseferous of the Starveling Cult | Cluster Epiphany Five –

Current Show!

Friday 4th September till … (Maintained till further notice!)
Exhibition: Fufu Frauenwahl’s Unwelt #2

In stock!

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Are you creating counter current artefacts? Do you want them displayed at Disconnect?
Contact us or better, just come over!

Records, books and art

Find cutting edge vinyls, CD’s and tapes of breakcore, speedcore, experimental, tekno, noise, ambient, jungle, drum and bass, drone and more …
Discover surreal, fantastic, visionary, dark, futuristic and deranged art with our regular, guaranteed out of the radar exhibitions.
Dig through a massive choice of radical and strongly engaged books.
Discover obscure, self-produced and local graphic novels, art books and games.

Tea, coffee … and beer!

Relax in our comfortable reader’s corner, watch art, read a comic and enjoy a cup from our unique selection of chinese tea.
We have exclusive varieties of ripe, raw, loose or compressed white, green, dark, red, pu her and oolong tea and you can always taste it.
Support counter-imperialism by drinking our Libertad Coffee!
If you prefer quality over quantity, a Belgian beer is the must!

Exhibitions, concerts and more …

Disconnect is also modulable space that can be configured to host various type of events, ranging from lectures, art and music performance, screenings, vernissages, talks, book presentations, workshops and more.

For more regular updates, we invite you to visit our various pages.

And the respective websites of the founders.

Location Finowstrasse 25. 10247 Friedrichshain - Berlin Phone +49 (0) 30 9840 2889 E-mail Hours Thursday to Saturday. 2 to 7 PM. Any other day on appointment: +49 (0) 30 9840 2889
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